Our Services

Specialising in safety, systems engineering and human factors to offer a holistic approach to all our projects.

systems engineering

The technical backbone of complex projects, we focus on satisfying objectives through the integration of product, process, people and environment.

Experienced in managing major projects across complex stakeholder environments with time and budgetary constraints, ensuring the delivery of high integrity transportation systems.

Committed to developing systems, technologies and environments to fit the needs of users for a safer, more efficient and enjoyable way of working.

Helping the rail and transportation sectors successfully achieve optimal safety, reliability and operational performance of their systems.

Helping your project achieve high quality outcomes and compliance to standards in the most cost-effective way.

risk management

Identifying risks early and accurately to maximise the opportunity for positive change and success.

Mapping, documenting and working towards a safe and successful system no matter how complex.

Delivering training and assessment for adult learners, based on competency criteria needed to do the job.