ISO 9001:2015

  • Engineering and management consultancy services
  • Resale of third-party software products, which support systems engineering and assurance processes
  • IT consultancy related to the deployment of IBM products
  • Training in systems engineering, assurance and human factors

Technically Assured Organisation

  • Systems engineering (AS1)
  • Systems assurance, including safety engineering and assurance (AS2)
  • Requirements management (AS5)
  • Interface management (AS6)
  • Human factors integration (AS7)
  • Verification and validation (AS8)
  • RAM management (AS9)
  • Independent Safety Assessment (AS10)


  • IBM Certified Software Resellers and Business Partners
  • IBM Certified Deployment Professionals and Solution Designers
  • IBM Global Training Partner


  • Accredited iESM Practitioners and Trainers, delivering best-practice safety assurance methods and training for rail professionals

Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board

  • Acmena staff members are proud contributors to RISSB development groups past and present

ICN Gateway

  • Registered Member

Australian Engineers Declare

  • Signatory


  • LearnQuest Education Partner, delivering a range of IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Family courses


  • Accredited ICT supplier

Railway Safety and Standards Board

  • Affiliate Member

Acmena staff are accredited members & representatives of the following organisations:

Consultancy Panel and Pre-qualification Scheme Membership

Queensland Rail

  • Queensland Rail CON-3247 Panel of Professional Signalling Engineering Services

Queensland Government

  • Queensland Transport and Main Roads Panel (RRU 01/2013) for Provision of Specialist Advice for Rail Safety Related Projects and Investigations
  • Queensland Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) Framework accreditation (no. Q5515) and QAssure accreditation
  • Scheme Member for the Queensland Government Engineering Consultant Scheme
  • Queensland Government Panel for Provision of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services (no. ICTSS.13.03)

Transport Sydney Trains

  • Sydney Trains Human Factors Panel Agreement No. CW47467 (WS193628)
  • NSW Government
  • NSW Government ICT services SCM0020 pre-qualification for Systems and Solutions
  • NSW Government Performance and Management Services SCM0005 pre-qualification for transport infrastructure, corporate & business strategy and planning, human resources and business process improvement
  • NSW Government Rail Infrastructure Prequalification Panel

Australian Government – Department of Defence

  • DSTO Research Scientific Engineering and Technical Services Panel

South Australian Health

  • SAH2018-1623 SA Health Professional Services Panel

Community & Charitable Programmes

Acmena is proud to donate a percentage of its annual profits to the local and overseas charities supported by our staff members.

This year we are proud to have supported:

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