New and inexperienced DOORS users can learn to capture, trace and manage requirements more effectively through our introductory courses, while our intermediate and advanced programs provide experienced users with the skills to build projects in collaborative environments and develop customised databases.


Available courses:

Essentials of IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next v7 #ODC8105GAU

Learn to use and create requirements data in a collaborative context.

  • Capture, define, elaborate and edit data and create hierarchically organised requirements documentation.
  • Create & manage traceability and manage requirements through the project lifecycle.

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IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS v9.6 – Foundation #QN101GAU

Introduction to creating, editing, manipulating and analysing data.

  • Navigate within DOORS database & create structured data.
  • Modify & review existing data.
  • Create traceability & report on relationships in a DOORS database.

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IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS v9.6 – Practitioner #QN201GAU

Advanced DOORS functionality for team lead and project managers.

  • Build projects in DOORS, define data structure, link schema & attributes.
  • Use external linking facilities & share info with third parties.
  • Apply configuration management and backup strategies to data.

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IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS v9.6 – DXL #QN301GAU

Apply DXL extension language to customise DOORS databases.

  • Process projects, folders, modules, traceability, views and objects
  • Create custom user interfaces, menus, attributes and layouts.

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Upcoming Courses

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Why Acmena?

Acmena is an IBM Gold Business Partner, specialising in highly regulated industries. We are the preferred supplier for systems engineering tools and services in the Australian transport industry

Acmena’s IBM-Certified instructors can support participants with practical assistance and feedback informed by years of experience providing systems engineering and requirements management support on major infrastructure projects, including:

  • Cross River Rail (RIS & TSD)
  • Digital Systems (Systems Integrator)
  • Metro Tunnel Project
  • Caulfield to Dandenong LXRP
  • Sydney Metro


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