Developed for all engineering, design, safety and management professionals, Acmena’s Human Factors training course offers participants a comprehensive introduction to the principles of designing systems that match the capabilities, needs and limitations of the end user.

Acmena’s human factors courses are available for private delivery by prior arrangement only. Offering unrivaled flexibility and practicality to clients, our training package can be tailored specifically to suit the needs of your team, your organisation’s domain or to reflect the project your are engaged with. Get in touch with us to see how our human factors specialists can enhance the capability of your team.


What’s Involved?

Participants will receive a comprehensive introduction to key human factors principles that covers basic terminology, the history of human factors, integration, regulations and the practical application of HF processes as demonstrated through case studies.

What are the Benefits?

Delivered by our senior human factors specialists, Acmena’s HF courses are based on decades of industry experience and provide a comprehensive introduction to the practical application of HF principles.  Upon course completion, attendees will have a better understanding of:

  • The breadth and diversity of human factors
  • How humans play a role in various parts of the system
  • Recognise that the operator or end user is not the only point at which to consider human factors
  • Be able to identify human factors issues in complex systems
  • Understand the System of Systems concept and be able to use this to improve human factors engineering and integration activities
  • Learn about the tools and techniques used to deal with human factors issues
  • Be able to address human factors issues early in the design/project life cycle by integrating appropriate tools/techniques
  • Have a better understanding of human factors regulations and standards that are applicable to work being undertaken

Course Topics & Details

  • Understanding an individual
  • Human-system interactions
  • Identifying human factors
  • Human factors integration
  • Human factors in practice

Course duration: 1 day (8 hour) & 2 day (16 hour) courses available

Delivery options: Private courses available by prior arrangement.

Prerequisites: None

Suitable for: Any engineering, design, safety or management specialist seeking an introduction to human and organisational factors



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