Delivering trusted expertise to highly regulated industries

Acmena provides a uniquely integrated service, supported by a combination of systems engineering, assurance, human factors and engineering management expertise. We specialise in developing high integrity, human-centred systems for safety critical applications, offering a comprehensive range of services for every stage of the project lifecycle. Whether it's support in a single area of expertise or a multi-discipline team, Acmena can deliver targeted, agile support that meets your needs.

Key Sectors:

  • Rail
  • Infrastructure
  • Aviation
  • Health
  • Energy


We specialise in delivering fully-integrated, human-centred systems that work


Scalable, value-driven solutions that meet the changing needs of your project


Our systematic, evidenced approach delivers projects quicker, with greater confidence

Integrated services tailored to your project's needs

Our broad range of expertise and holistic approach enables us to have a deeper understanding of systems and their environments. By focusing on the needs of the project and the end user, we can provide maximum benefit to our clients and deliver fully integrated, human-centred systems that meet their safety and performance objectives.

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Systematically managing risk and complexity to ensure no late surprises

Acmena has extensive experience with major infrastructure and advanced technology projects. We understand that change and risk are inherent features of any technically complex, safety critical project and if not managed effectively can create unforeseen problems at later stages of the lifecycle.

Combining rigorous engineering methods with our pragmatic, systems-thinking approach and deep understanding of industry standards, Acmena's evidence-based solutions help clients to deliver projects quicker and with more certainty, no matter how complex they may be.


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Building strong relationships is central to everything we do

Acmena works closely with clients to clearly define their project and understand its stakeholders' needs. We are dedicated to delivering flexible, tailored services that provide maximum value to our clients' projects and ensure their safety, compliance and business requirements are met.

Our core values of integrity and engineering excellence, combined with commitment to building strong relationships, is the reason why 75 per cent of Acmena's work is repeat business.

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