To manage the successful delivery and integration of complex systems takes more than just technical expertise. It requires a deep understanding of a project’s business, safety and regulatory requirements, a collaborative approach to stakeholder management, and effective systems thinking strategies to efficiently progress the project through every stage of its lifecycle.

Acmena specialises in the management and delivery of high-integrity systems for large-scale projects. Our highly respected engineering managers have decades of experience delivering major infrastructure projects, with extensive expertise in advanced train control systems, including European Train Control Systems (ETCS) Level 1 and 2, Automatic Train Protection (ATP) and Communication Based Train Control (CBTC).

Combining engineering expertise with strategic experience to provide more effective technical management

Supported by our unique combination of systems engineering, assurance and human factors expertise, Acmena’s systematic and integrated engineering management approach is focused on delivering project value.

We work with clients from the initial planning stages to identify and understand key deliverables and help them stay in control of the project’s scope, budget and schedule by developing strategies to more effectively manage risk and change throughout its lifecycle. Leveraging our practical experience, we can help clients balance their commercial and safety obligations, while ensuring that key project decisions are clearly auditable and based on robust technical and business strategies.

Working hand-in-hand with clients to deliver better results 

Acmena understands that building strong relationships is vital to the success of any project. Our specialists are highly experienced in managing complex stakeholder environments and developing collaborative partnerships to facilitate successful project delivery.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Acmena understands how quality requirements can be integrated with industry-specific regulations and standards and has the expertise to ensure project deliverables and outcomes meet the necessary quality thresholds. We can also help your organisation to develop and improve its own quality management systems, while providing auditing and compliance assessment services.

We specialise in

Project Planning

Risk Analysis & Management

Quality Management

Stakeholder Management

Change Management

Work Break Down Structures

Resource Identification

Team Management & Integration

Interface Identification & Management



Compliance Assessment

Our expertise

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