At Acmena, we specialise in human systems engineering. Our team of human factors professionals has decades of experience helping clients develop more effective and intuitive systems by integrating systematic and pragmatic analysis of user needs into the design process.

Human-systems engineering

Using a risk-based, human-centred approach, our specialists will work with you to manage your project’s human factors program. Through our expertise in physical and cognitive ergonomics and analytic methods, we can establish your project’s concept of operations, create user profiles and task analyses in addition to identifying risks and areas for improvement. We can also manage requirements and conduct thorough testing to demonstrate your design goals have been met.

With in-depth knowledge of industry standards and legislation, our human factors team can deliver practical, evidence-based advice and solutions tailored to your project’s needs that will ensure optimal system performance, while reducing the risk of human error and incidents.

Reducing project risk through comprehensive and integrated HF services 

As an engineering service provider that specialises in complex, large-scale projects, Acmena understands that integrating human factors processes into the full project lifecycle is critical. Leveraging our broad range of expertise in systems engineering, assurance and management, we can develop and integrate a comprehensive human factors plan into your design, engineering and safety programs, subsequently reducing the number of costly design revisions and ensuring that your project is delivered and accepted on time and within budget.

Acmena can also provide strategic support for organisational change and offer expertise in organisational psychology and change management to develop high performing organisations and processes.

We specialise in

HF Integration & Management

HF Assurance

User-Centred Design

Human Performance Assessment

Workload Analysis

Link Analysis

Human Reliability Assessment

Workplace & Interface Design

Task Analysis

Job Design & Organisational Structure

HCI Design & Development

Usability Testing/Ergonomic Assessment

Training Needs Analysis

Cognitive Analysis

Strategic Support & Organisational Psychology

Human Safety & Risk

Our expertise

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