Project Management

The discipline of planning, organising, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals

project management

We work with you to ensure projects are based on sound technical strategies, using a systems engineering discipline, and focussed on value to your organisation and stakeholders.

Our Approach

We specialise in the project management and delivery of high integrity systems, particularly in advanced train control systems such as ETCS Level 2, and have an excellent understanding of the practical issues of delivering these systems on time, within budget, and compliant to stringent standards.

To  deliver high value safety critical transportation systems you need the ability to manage a complex stakeholder environment, a complete grasp of the technical solution and a full understanding of the safety assurance activities where evidence of structured and disciplined processes needs to be clearly demonstrated.

Our project management consultants combine the following major activities that result in the successful delivery of projects:

Project Planning

Based on our in-depth project management experience, coupled with a thorough understanding of the technical solution we develop the underpinning Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) identifying all the key deliverables of the project. From the WBS we create a schedule that is practical, based on experience and logically structured to deliver the project as quickly as possible.

Analysing and Managing Risk

Acmena understands that risk management is not just assessing the risk, but developing risk management plans to understand and communicate how the team will respond to the high-risk events.

Once the risk framework is created we analyse, identify and quantify (both in terms of probability and impact) the risks that could arise and could have significant effect on the outcome of the project. This work can be either captured and managed in the client specified risk management tools, or captured and managed using industry standard risk management processes.

Managing Quality

As part of any project management engagement we look to ensure that all deliverables and project outcomes meet the necessary quality thresholds appropriate to the specific system delivery.

We know that project quality consists of ensuring that the end product not only meets the customer specifications, but is one that the sponsor and users actually want to use. Our emphasis on project quality is to prevent errors, rather than the late identification of errors once the system has been delivered.

We recognise that quality is a management responsibility and actively ensure that quality is considered throughout the life-cycle of the project.

Managing Stakeholders

The successful delivery of projects within an organisation does not happen by chance. They need to be integrated with existing business processes, systems and organisations and most importantly they need to be welcomed and accepted by the end users. The key component of delivering projects is managing a wide variety of stakeholders, an area in which Acmena consultants are highly experienced.

Acmena knows how to build the necessary relationships with all stakeholders, to manage expectations, and in some cases fears, and to create a collaborative partnership for the successful deployment of complex systems.

Managing Change

It is well recognised that projects are developed in an environment in which nothing is certain except change itself.

Managing project change is a complex and difficult task, but it’s not optional. Failure to understand the impact change has on a project, in terms of scope, cost, and schedule, is a sure sign that a project is not being well managed.

Acmena consultants are experts in the use of change management processes, from attending change review meetings, assessing the full impact of changes, to managing the wider  communication of a change’s impact. We can do this within the client’s specific change management processes, or put in place robust but practical change management processes.