Quality Management

Systems thinking for the organisation

quality management

We understand the importance of achieving high quality outcomes and compliance to standards in the most cost-effective way.

Our Approach

With our unique combination of management, systems engineering and human factors integration skills and experience, we can maximise the benefit of your quality management systems by understanding the way your work is done.

Our consultants are trained and experienced in developing and improving processes for meeting quality requirements for highly technical work in regulated industries. We understand how ISO9001 requirements can be integrated with industry-specific regulations and standards, and we understand how processes need to work to achieve the right balance between flexibility, cost and risk. We are pragmatic in our approach, but at the same time we truly believe good quality management systems, used in earnest, can really help organisations and projects be successful.

We work with you in the following areas:


  • We can audit the work of projects and teams against ISO 9001:2008 requirements, internal defined procedures and processes, as well as safety-related industry standards such as CENELEC 50126 and 50128, and IEC 61508
  • Our approach is risk-based, focusing on those activities most critical to the success of the organisation

Compliance Assessment

  • We can independently assess your processes against ISO 9001:2008, CENELEC 50126 and 50128, and IEC 61508. This can be useful as preparation for a major audit, or as the starting point of an improvement program
  • We will identify both shortcomings in compliance, but also where savings can be made by streamlining and better integrating processes

Management System Development

  • Using our risk-based approach, we can design and develop a cost-effective management system which ensures you predictably, consistently and cost-effectively meet quality objectives
  • We specialise in the development of quality management plans and systems for large rail projects

Process Definition

We can help you define and document processes which support your business and quality management systems. Our user-centred approach aims to make them easy to understand and use

Issues and Defect Management

We can design and implement systems for recording and tracking issues and defects, and provide advice on how to integrate these with other processes and use the information to improve your processes

Reliability Analysis

We can analyse predictive and in-field data of your products to identify reliability and quality improvements and link you with reliability experts in specific fields

Software and Product Quality

We can provide advice on achieving quality and regulatory compliance or addressing quality issues for software and products in the rail and other safety-related industries

Configuration and Change Management

  • We provide support for configuration and change management within a systems engineering approach, including definition of processes, tool support, and training
  • Our systems thinking approach helps to ensure the impact of changes to cost, quality, user acceptance, safety, reliability and other business objectives are systematically identified and analysed