Risk Management

Making informed decisions

risk management

Our risk management process helps your organisation identify risks early and accurately to maximise the opportunity for positive change and success.

Our Approach

Whether your risks are technical, project, organisational or safety, we employ a systematic and thorough approach to understanding them so we can help you make better decisions.

We help you identify and manage risks in the following ways:

Risk Management Planning

Based on the principles and guidelines of the risk management standard AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009, we can help you to define the context, policy, scope, objectives, processes and criteria for managing the risks specific to your goals.

Risk Identification, Communication and Consultation

With experienced facilitators, we can plan and run workshops (eg HAZOPs and what-if analyses) to identify risks and risk treatments and consult with stakeholders and subject matter experts.

Risk Analysis and Assessment

We are able to perform qualitative and quantitative risk assessment using techniques such as Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), Cause-Consequence Analysis, Event Tree analysis and Influence Diagrams.

Managing Risks of Change

With our complementary technical, human-centred and managerial expertise, we can help to identify and manage diverse risks posed by major technological or organisational changes, using a ‘systems thinking’ approach.

Risk-Based Project and Safety Management

We can help to develop strategies and plans for managing projects which focus on understanding and treating the nature of risks early, and ensuring project stages are completed with a good understanding of the risks which lie ahead.