What Others Have Said

“Proactive engagement with the various disciplines and active contribution to the HAZID workshops.”

“Acmena always delivered their scope of work within the timeframes required and requested.”

“Acmena’s best element was their adaptability to the tasks requested with changing scope in the project.  They were always able to work within the project scope at the time and collaborated to get a good outcome from all.”

“Acmena delivered everything asked of them within the constraints to time, scope and budget and where they were not able to deliver, they advised with time to make the resourcing changes required.  They are great to work with and guided me through the required steps to completion of tasks.”

“Significant experience in helping clients to set up systems engineering management systems and in providing the basis for good requirements management.”

“Demonstrated a consistent reliable and confident RqM approach in completing the most challenging projects.”

“Acmena’s consultants displayed strong, supportive and cooperative partnership principles with stakeholders and project teams. They both displayed a very professional, user technical support and function customised to users and their understanding and application.” 

“Excellent stakeholder management and works well within the Project team.”

“The services provided met our expectations. Interactive training sessions in terms DOORS User Training deemed very useful + expert advice from both consultants was also very good.”

“Acmena staff demonstrated adherence to agreed deadlines and always delivered on time.  They were proactive in planning the work to best utilise remanding budget and provide value for money to the project.”