To deliver a comprehensive and fully integrated range of systems engineering, human factors, safety and RAM services across three contract packages and ensure the timely delivery of one of the most complex and ambitious infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Queensland.


Acmena is utilising a human-centred strategy to provide a deeper understanding of the assets being delivered on the project, including their human impact, maintainability and operability, in order to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose.


Major demolition works have already been completed and both tunnels are now fully excavated. Construction on the major work sites, including the underground stations are now underway and due for completion in 2024.




Acmena’s unique range of capabilities and Assets+ approach provides key support in the development of Brisbane’s landmark Cross River Rail project.

The Cross River Rail project will deliver a new 10.2km line through Brisbane’s inner city, featuring twin 5.9km tunnels running under the Brisbane River and CBD. Four new underground stations will be built as part of the $5.4b project, in addition to the upgrade of eight existing stations and the introduction of European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2 signalling technology.

To facilitate its delivery, CRR has been divided in to three primary contracts. Delivered by the Unity Alliance, the Rail, Integration and Systems (RIS) package incorporates station upgrades and the delivery of all major rail systems. The Tunnels, Stations and Development (TSD) package is being delivered by the PULSE consortium, while Hitachi is responsible for ETCS delivery.

Acmena has been engaged by both contract consortia and is currently leading systems engineering, human factors, safety and RAM activities across the project.

A human-centred approach

To provide a deeper understanding of the assets being delivered, and ensure they are safe and fit for purpose, Acmena has adopted a human-centred approach. To facilitate the strategy, Acmena has facilitated operational scenario workshops with key stakeholders, including operation and maintenance personnel, to elicit a comprehensive understanding of the CRR system requirements. The Acmena team is also developing the CRR Rail System Requirements Specification (CRR-SRS) and the TSD-SRS.

Value through integrated services

Leveraging its expertise in providing requirements management solutions for major infrastructure projects, Acmena has used IBM DOORS Next to establish an inter-contract collaborative requirements and lifecycle management system to efficiently maintain and share data between stakeholders and support progressive assurance throughout the project lifecycle. Acmena has also developed the core systems engineering plans (SEMP, SSAP, RMP, HFIP) for the project.

With human factors specialists also supporting the design and development of key interfaces across both contracts as part of a multi-discipline team, Acmena is combining its systems engineering, requirements management and safety assurance capabilities to provide a fully integrated outcome.

Major demolition works have already been completed with construction now underway. Tunnelling has begun for the Roma Street underground station.


Human Factors


Safety Assurance

Systems Engineering

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