Acmena Consultants Compete in the NRC Rail Relay Charity Marathon

Since starting in 2014, the Acmena team has developed a proud tradition of supporting a variety of local and worldwide charities, which is why we are delighted to announce that this Friday, Daniel Simmons and Jan Asmussen will continue that tradition by taking part in the NRC Rail Relay Marathon in Sydney.

Organised by our Digital Systems partners, Network Rail Consulting, to raise money for the Mission Australia homeless fund, the marathon will see runners from NRC, TfNSW and Acmena navigate a 5km lap through the Botanical Gardens as part of the 26km team event.

“We have been working as part of the NRC Digital Systems consortium for 6 months now and what better way to showcase our strong team spirit than by running a relay marathon!” said Acmena HF Consultant, Daniel Simmons. “It’s a great idea for a worthy cause, and with the event being twinned with Network Rail teams running in the UK, we will enjoy the extra competitive edge to ensure the Australian team lead the way!”

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