Acmena Principal Consultants, Grace Kennedy and Christophe Waterplas, have been selected to present at the Institute of Healthcare Engineering Australia (IHEA) National Conference.

Titled, ‘Holistic Systems Approaches to Lean Healthcare’, the paper explores the value in applying a specifically tailored systems engineering approach to reduce waste in the healthcare industry, not only in terms of material resources, but also in effort, time, process and the coordination of activities.

“I’m delighted to be presenting at the IHEA conference,” said Grace. “Healthcare infrastructure design, implementation and operations are becoming more complex as we move into an increasingly connected ecosystem of care delivery.

“I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to share recent initiatives to manage this complexity and reduce fragmentation through holistic, people-centred systems approaches that are pragmatic to the needs of healthcare engineers, facilities managers and decision makers.”

Held in Melbourne on 3-5 June, the IHEA National Conference will host hundreds of industry leaders, innovators and experts from around Australia.

Themed ‘Sustainability: Environmental and Beyond’ the event hopes to inspire hospital engineers to adopt a more holistic approach and focus on sustainability that extends beyond environmental concerns.

The recent advances in research that have demonstrated how ‘Lean Healthcare Systems Engineering’ can deliver efficiencies through systems integration and by providing a more structured process for planning and delivering healthcare projects, align perfectly with the integrated, systematic approaches Acmena is currently implementing to deliver value to clients across various safety-critical industries.

Specialising in human systems integration, Grace has over 15 years’ experience in both academia and industry. A chartered systems engineer and human factors specialist, she has expertise in organisational systems engineering, systems ergonomics and architecture frameworks in addition to extensive experience in conducting research projects for the healthcare, rail and defence industries.

Christophe is currently engaged as the Systems Engineering and Systems Assurance Manager for Transport for New South Wales’ Digital Systems – Systems Integrator project. He also has 10 years’ experience in the med-tech sector, where he provided systems engineering support and leadership for the development of medical respirator systems.

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