Acmena welcomes Principal Systems Engineering Consultant, Christophe Waterplas, to its New South Wales office.

A highly regarded technical leader, Christophe has an extensive background in the medical and communications sectors where he has managed multi-discipline teams in the development of high-integrity systems for safety critical applications.

In addition to requirements management, Christophe also specialises in Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), where his experience in developing and deploying the approach will be a huge asset to Acmena’s existing capability in MBSE, which is being used to good effect on projects such as Transport for New South Wales’ Digital Systems Program – System Integrator.

Currently engaged as the systems engineering lead on the Digital Systems Program – System Integrator, Christophe was thrilled to have the opportunity to apply his expertise in a new realm.

“I am really excited about joining a company like Acmena that specialises in applying a broad range of disciplines using an integrated approach,” said Christophe. “This is exactly what I am passionate about. I grew my expertise in systems engineering in the medical device industry, but systems engineering skills can be applied to any kind of multi-disciplinary problem.

“At Acmena I have the opportunity to apply my knowledge to other industries and help clients deliver their complex project as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

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