Acmena is excited to announce the appointment of Paul Ransley to its Melbourne offices.

A systems engineering specialist, Paul has 30 years’ experience in the rail, infrastructure, aviation, medical and defence industries.

In a career spanning the UK, Northern Europe and Australia, Paul has provided key support for several major rail infrastructure projects, including various Transport for London sub-surface programs, Kings Cross Remodelling Project, London’s Crossrail Project and the Frankston Line Upgrade Level Crossing Removal Project.

Drawing on a broad range of experience, Paul specialises in utilising his capability in systems engineering, safety assurance, RAM and engineering management to provide integrated support and leadership aimed at overcoming the traditional siloing problems that can affect complex, large-scale projects.

“I’m really excited to be working with a company that focuses on human-centred design and with a team that possess such a breadth and depth of expertise in systems engineering, RAMS and human factors,” said Paul. “I am also looking forward to contributing to Acmena’s pipeline of projects and helping to maximise the value of our systems engineering outputs.”

“We are very excited to add Paul to the team,” said Victoria State Manager, Ian Banks. “Paul has the kind of deeper level understanding of systems engineering that makes you stand back and notice. He is clearly passionate about bringing his expertise to bear in tailoring cost-effective solutions based on the specific needs of the client and the latest systems engineering thinking.”

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