Acmena Senior Consultant, Campbell Sims, has been announced as one of the guest speakers at the 2022 Australian System Safety Conference, held in Melbourne between 26 – 27 May.

With modern systems increasingly depending on the use of artificial intelligence (A.I), this year the conference will focus on the challenges of assuring these systems and will provide a forum for the latest thinking on state-of-the-art A.I and its fitness for purpose.

A systems and safety assurance specialist, Campbell’s paper, “Regulatory approaches to safety systems using artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles”, is an extension of his MSc thesis and focuses on how developing accurate regulation can both alleviate public concern regarding the use of artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles while enabling the development of the technology to be successfully advanced.

“I am excited to be presenting at the Australian System Safety Conference and share my research into the application of technical safety regulations for use with autonomous Vehicles,” Campbell said. “The conference line up is impressive, with speakers from the forefront of artificial intelligence and safety assurance and I’m looking forward to be presenting alongside them.”

Campbell will be presenting his paper on Thursday 26 May at 10am. For more information on the 2022 Australian Systems Safety Conference, visit

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