With both New South Wales and Victoria currently in lockdown, this month’s Acmena State Day offered staff from all three offices a welcome opportunity to get together, catch up on what’s been going on in and around the company and share a few laughs.

In Queensland, lockdown restrictions had been lifted just in time to allow staff to get together in the office and enable us to continue our series of monthly guest speaker presentations.

This month we were lucky enough to have Cochlear Principal Reliability Engineer, Edward Bennett, join us to discuss the general lifecycle methodology and regulatory submission integration processes involved with developing the company’s range of products. In his presentation, Edward offered the team some fascinating insight into the various phases involved with Cochlear’s product development cycle, from the inception to post launch, in addition to a brief outline of the regulatory standards that must be met to successfully bring a product to market.

Many thanks to Edward for the presentation and for giving up his time to chat with the team afterwards – it was great to share his insights.

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