A huge thank you to guest speaker, Diane Mather, for her presentation on ground movement and settlement in tunnelling projects at Acmena’s state day event last Friday.

Chair of the Australian Tunnelling Society Queensland Chapter, Diane has been involved with some of the biggest tunnelling projects across the world throughout her career and her experience provided the team with a fascinating insight into both the impacts and the mitigation strategies involved with large scale tunnelling projects.

Having been involved with Sydney Metro, Melbourne Metro Tunnel and Cross River Rail, the Acmena team welcomed the opportunity to gain meaningful insight into areas outside of its core disciplines which are directly related to the projects we are currently working on. Diane’s knowledge and experience definitely increased our appreciation of the challenges faced by other disciplines within tunnelling projects, in addition to highlighting ways we can better support these disciplines on future projects.

“Diane’s presentation was both interesting and informative,” said Acmena Senior Consultant, Keryn Pauley. “Her passion for the subject was contagious and I found a lot of relevance for my role as a human factors specialist on Cross River Rail.”

Thank you to Diane for a sharing her expertise with us and giving us the opportunity for discussion afterwards. After a very successful inaugural presentation, we are looking forward to hosting more guest speakers in the future. Interested in presenting at Acmena’s next state day event? Get in touch with us: enquiries@acmena.com.au.


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