Congratulations to Acmena’s very own ‘man in black’, James Tomlinson, who celebrates his 10th anniversary with the company.

A certified requirements management guru, James joined the company in 2013 as its very first employee.

Quickly becoming an instrumental part of Acmena’s success, James continues to play a pivotal role in one of the company’s keystone projects, Sydney Metro, where he was responsible for establishing a centralised requirements framework using IBM DOORS (the first time this had been done on a project of this size) and achieving complete traceability from the 153,287 contract requirements back to the 17,024 integration requirements.

What a legend!

“James is the most passionate requirements engineer I know,” said Acmena Business Development Manager, Nicolas Teulier.

“Coupled with unmatchable presentation and communication skills, his contribution is always key to project success.

“After eight years pushing for an operational metro line going through Sydney City, I’m still impressed by the level of energy James puts in every single task and how much he knows about Sydney Metro requirements without even having to open DOORS!

“I consider myself lucky to have worked with James for the last ten years, and so is Acmena. We have been very lucky to have you onboard, Mr Tomlinson.

“Happy 10-year anniversary!”

“Ten years ago, James joined Acmena as our very first employee,” said Acmena Director, Graeme Cutler. “James came with the moniker ‘The Prince of Darkness’ as he apparently only wore black coloured clothes – although there is photographic evidence to the contrary!

“Despite his unusual dress-sense, James’ undoubted expertise and knowledge of systems engineering played a big part in Acmena’s success and has enabled us to provide first rate support to many clients in NSW and Victoria.

“James’ highlight with Acmena has undoubtedly been the work he has been doing on various Sydney Metro lines for the past 8 years – work we know James is very proud of.

“Congratulations James on your 10 years with Acmena – it’s been a memorable time. Here’s to your next ten!”

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