Acmena Senior Systems Engineering Consultant, Luke King, has been selected to present at the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) Technical Meeting on 14-15 July in Sydney.

Currently engaged on Transport for New South Wales’ (TfNSW) Digital Systems Program – Systems Integrator, Luke plays a key role in developing and managing Acmena’s Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach, which has been critical to the effective integration of the project’s systems engineering, human factors and assurance programs.

In his paper, ‘An Integrated Model Based Approach for Introducing New Signalling Systems’, Luke leverages his experience on the Digital Systems Program – Systems Integrator project to explore how MBSE can improve the systems engineering process by providing greater understanding of system functionality and interfaces while also helping to manage change more effectively in the complex landscape of a European Train Control System (ETCS) project.

As Luke demonstrates, when applied correctly MBSE can add significant value to a project by helping to reduce risk and the potential of time and budget overruns.

“The trend of increasing functionality and performance of complex systems poses challenges to the project teams delivering them,” said Luke.

“There are difficult technical, integration and interoperability problems to solve, as well as transforming operations and ways of working – ETCS signalling projects are the perfect example of this.

“The application of MBSE methods as part of systems engineering efforts can be a powerful tool to ensure a project team is aligned on what the system needs to do, what it interfaces with and how it can be assured for use.”

The IRSE Technical Meeting will be held at the NSW Teachers’ Federation Conference Centre in Surrey Hills, NSW. Luke will be presenting on Friday 14 July at 2:35pm.

Specialising in systems engineering and requirements management, Luke has over 10 years’ experience in supporting complex technology and infrastructure projects in the rail, aerospace and defence sectors.

Joining the company in 2019, Luke has been part of part of the systems engineering team responsible for the successful development and deployment of the integrated MBSE approach used across several flagship projects, including Cross River Rail (Brisbane) and Digital Systems Program – Systems Integrator (Sydney).

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