With most of our staff embedded onsite within major projects, or working from home, it’s always great to get everyone back in the offices for the monthly Acmena state days.

Not only do these days gives us all a chance to catch up; they also provide invaluable opportunities for professional development.

Last month, we kicked off our new series of regular guest speaker presentations with a fascinating glimpse into the world of tunnelling. This month we welcomed @Michael Duffy from @Omada Rail Systems who provided the team with an informative introduction to signalling, focusing on the accidents, hazards and principles involved. A huge thanks to Michael for the presentation and for giving up his time to chat everyone afterwards.

An RUOK-themed morning tea also gave everyone the chance to relax and share their experiences from the last few months. When you’re working in what can be a demanding environment, doing something as simple as getting together over a cup of coffee can be an important part of staying connected, having a laugh and unpacking some stress.

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