A highly accomplished and respected technical leader, Nicolas joined the company in 2015 as a systems engineering specialist, before progressing to become New South Wales State Manager. In this role, Nicolas has been responsible for developing business opportunities in NSW, where he has successfully strengthened and expanded Acmena’s business interests through his ability to understand the client’s needs and deliver accurately scaled, pragmatic services.

Leveraging his considerable expertise and experience, Nicolas is now leading Acmena’s global strategic development as the company seeks to consolidate existing relationships in the Australian rail sector, while also developing new partnerships and expanding into a diverse range of safety critical industries.

As a Principal Systems Engineering Consultant, Nicolas has led and developed systems engineering approaches for several major rail infrastructure projects, including Transport for New South Wales’ Digital Systems Program – System Integrator.

With his passion for innovation and new technology, Nicolas is an integral part of Acmena’s drive to deliver greater value to its clients by taking systems engineering, RAMS, assurance and human factors processes into the digital world.

Specialises in:

  • Systems Engineering

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