Learn the basic principles of writing and applying DOORS Extension Language (DXL) to customise IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS (formerly Rational DOORS) databases.

Available for delivery onsite at a location of your choice, or online through instructor led classes, this is an intermediate course designed for experienced DOORS users.


Course Objectives

Participants will learn to:

  • Apply DOORS eXtension Language (DXL) to control and extend a range of IBM DOORS functions.

Course Topics & Details

  • Process projects, folders, modules and objects
  • Process traceability
  • Process history
  • Process access rights
  • Process views and view settings
  • Create customised attribute and layout DXL
  • Create customised DOORS menus
  • Develop user interfaces

Course duration: 16 hours

Delivery options: Onsite & Online

Prerequisites: Proficiency in IBM DOORS. Previous knowledge of structured procedural programming, preferably in C.

Suitable for: Experienced IBM DOORS users.

Bookings: ibm@acmena.com.au



Proudly delivered in conjunction with LearnQuest


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