Learn to define, elaborate, organise and manage textual and graphic requirements data in IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next (formerly Rational DOORS Next Generation).

Available for delivery onsite at a location of your choice, or online through instructor led classes, this introductory course is designed for engineering professionals seeking to develop their capability with IBM DOORS Next.


Course Objectives

Participants will learn to:

  • Leverage Global Configuration features.
  • View and work with requirements and other artifacts in a collaborative context.
  • Create and edit requirements documents and other artifacts, including textual and graphical artifacts.
  • Create, manage and view traceability relationships between requirements and other artifacts.

Course Topics & Details

  • Overview of IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management
  • Requirements management & DOORS Next
  • Exploring DOORS Next
  • Organising requirements information
  • Modules as requirements specification
  • Working with rich-text artifacts
  • Importing documents
  • Managing traceability
  • Reporting & change management

Course duration: 8 hours

Delivery options: Onsite & Online

Prerequisites: None

Suitable for: Requirements Engineers, Requirements Managers, Systems Engineers, Team Leaders, Business Analysts, Software Engineers

Bookings: ibm@acmena.com.au



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