Acmena Principal Systems Assurance Consultant, Andy Gabler, will be presenting at the 2023 Conference on Railway Excellence (CORE).

Held in Melbourne on 19-21 June, the conference is one of the biggest rail events in the Australian rail industry calendar, with over 100 industry experts selected to present on a range of topics from signalling to major project innovations.

Highlighting a concerning trend in the industry that a system is often deemed to be ‘safe’ if it is accompanied by swathes of paperwork, Andy’s paper, “Is Too Much Safety Safe? The Danger of Large Safety Arguments”, looks at how the practice can actually undermine safety and why quality is always more important than quantity when it comes to creating a successful safety argument.

“I am excited to share with industry some of the concerns I have with how we prepare safety arguments and provide some recommendations on how we can improve the arguments we put forward,” said Andy.

“It is so important that we as system safety professionals ensure we provide the best support to projects and enable them to deliver readable, understandable, and convincing safety arguments for why the delivered system is safe.”

Andy will be presenting from 2:20-3:00pm on Tuesday 20 June. For more information on the event head to the CORE 2023 website:

Currently engaged as the Systems and Safety Assurance Manager on Cross River Rail’s Rail, Stations and Development package, Andy has over 12 years’ experience in the Australasian rail sector and is Acmena’s Head of Discipline for Systems Assurance.

Specialising in systems assurance, RAMS and systems engineering, Andy has supported the development of several major rail infrastructure and advanced signalling projects, including Inland Rail and Queensland Rail’s WESTECT system upgrade.

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