Acmena Principal Consultants Keryn Pauley (human factors) and Andrew Gabler (systems assurance) have been accepted to present at the Australian System Safety Conference held in Adelaide on 18-19 October.

Titled ‘Quantifying Human Reliability in Safety Analysis – How Useful is it?’ the joint paper explores how the reliability of humans as part of a system can be assessed and how that assessment can, in turn, be used to support safety arguments.

Based on evidence from previous projects, the paper considers several examples where a new system has been introduced into a control centre to support a safety critical task performed by operators. During the process, key operator errors were identified and used to highlight areas where introducing engineering controls, including automation, would be of greater benefit than purely administrative processes.

“Keryn and I are both excited for the ASSC 2023 conference where we will be presenting about how to quantify human reliability in safety analysis and exploring how useful it is,” said Andrew Gabler.

“I am looking forward to having a robust discussion with fellow system safety practitioners on the topic. The subject is very much at the core of the conference theme – ‘Closing the Loop: Incorporating Humans into Systems’ – and central to Acmena’s user-centred approach, which is being successfully deployed on a number of large projects.”

Andy and Keryn will be presenting on Wednesday 18 October at 3:30pm. For more information on the conference and schedule, visit:

Andrew Gabler has over 12 years’ experience in the Australasian rail sector and is currently engaged as the Systems and Safety Assurance Manager on Cross River Rail’s Rail, Stations and Development package. He is also Acmena’s Head of Discipline for Systems Assurance.

Keryn Pauley is currently the human factors lead for the Cross River Rail – Rail, Integration and Systems package and is responsible for managing and integrating human factors activities across the $5.4b project.

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