Systems Engineering

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systems engineering

Systems engineering is the glue between project management and engineering delivery, it helps deliver projects on time and budget by managing changing requirements, tracking technical progress, and managing technical interfaces between delivery streams. We specialise in helping you make the most of your requirements and engineering management tools.

Our Approach

Effective systems engineering is not difficult – it is just poorly understood and implemented. The application of simple systems engineering principles can yield significant benefits for a project by answering questions such as:

  1. ‘Will I deliver what has been asked?’
  2. ‘How many of my requirements have passed testing?’
  3. ‘How safe is my system?’
  4. ‘Have I met legal obligations?’

Systems engineering integrates the expertise of a number of technical disciplines and project roles. With decades of experience in successful delivery of complex projects across the globe, Acmena offers a unique blend of proven applied process, and pragmatic delivery in the following areas:

Systems Engineering Processes

We are skilled at defining systems engineering processes, tailored to your specific needs, in accordance with:

  • ISO 15288,
  • ISO/IEC 26702 (originally IEEE 1220:2005) and
  • EIA-632.

With our experience in the rail and transport industry we can ensure processes are praticable to meet the specific needs of your project, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Requirements Elicitation and Capture

  • Systems are becoming increasingly complex with advances in technology and interoperability. Effective requirements management is key to successful systems delivery, forming the technical backbone of major projects. Managing large quantities of data, interfaces and changes requires effective strategies to support tradeoff decisions on competing requirements such as safety, reliability, availability, maintainability, usability, capacity, scalability, timeframe and cost.
  • We offer a range of requirements support services using a human-centred approach to stakeholder engagement, formal methods for requirements elicitation and capture through to agile requirements traceability, coverage analysis and evidence-based test & evaluation.

Requirements Management Solutions

  • Acmena staff are trained and experienced in the effective use of advanced management tools for requirements and architectures to deliver requirements traceability, as well as evidence-based test and acceptance documentation used to assure safe and reliable systems.
  • We are IBM Business Partners, with consultants who are IBM Certified Professionals and IBM Solution Designers. We offer software licences, installation and configuration services as well as training in leading IBM Rational products including IBM Rational DOORS, IBM Rational Requirements Composer and IBM Rational DOORS Next Gen for requirements management.
  • We also have experience of working with many other requirements management tools including ComplyServe ComplyPro, IBM Requisite Pro, Borland Caliber, ViTech CORE, Siemens PLM TeamCenter and Integrate KEYPAQ, KeyTrace / TraceLine.
  • We use processes and data structures which are tool agnostic and we are able to customise data structures to leverage the benefits of each tool  for each project.
  • Systems Definition and Integration

    • Acmena consultants have been involved in numerous high profile systems integration projects involving complex solutions across multiple disciplines
    • We use an approach to systems definition and integration which considers all technical disciplines and allows the management of all inter-dependencies
    • Using such an approach means it is possible to demonstrate that a system definition is mutually consistent, redundancy free and most importantly, complete

    Model Based Architecture Definition

    • Acmena consultants use a model-based systems engineering approach to ensure specifications are consistent and complete
    • We are well versed in the use of UML and SysML for the development of system models which bring together requirements, domain, verification and architecture
    • Acmena consultants are trained in the management of system models in IBM System Architect and ViTech CORE

    Configuration and Change Control

    • Acmena understands that change is a fact of life for projects, and that the management of change could mean the difference between success and failure for projects
    • Acmena adopts a formal approach to the implementation of change which allows for complete impact analysis and what-if analysis
    • We use tools and processes to ensure that all changes are recorded supporting a formal audit trail and a full change record

    Testing, Verification & Validation and Acceptance

    • Acmena understands the significance of an integrated approach to verification and validation for assurance and acceptance
    • We have significant experience of executing formal system and sub-system testing, and managing test iterations for specific cases over multiple complex projects
    • We adopt a formal Verification and Validation (V&V) strategy to provide assurance and prevent retesting in the event of project or requirements change

    Authorised Engineering Organisation

    • Since June 2013 the ASA (Asset Standards Authority) has authorised AEO (Authorised Engineering Organisations) to deliver engineering services to TfNSW (Transport for New South Wales)
    • Given our wide-ranging expertise in systems engineering and requirements management, Acmena is uniquely positioned to provide training, mentoring, hands-on support and tooling to projects and organisations seeking to achieve AEO accreditation